Friday Funny~ Caption This


I couldn’t help myself with today’s post.  As I blogged about yesterday, it was an emotional day.  I was capturing the traditional end of the year pictures.  Well let’s just say my oldest was not in a very chipper mood.  So with that being said, I snapped away and this picture just cracked me up.  There are so many possibilities for captioning this picture!

So caption away!

And I hope if you are having a “not so chipper” end of the week, that this can bring you much-needed laughter!  It has for me 🙂

2 thoughts on “Friday Funny~ Caption This

  1. I am thinking and thinking and cannot come up with something. That in itself has made me smile though. My sister’s and I were always very close, so I love seeing sister love. How would you caption it???

    • This picture was filled with a lot of grumpiness on my older daughter’s part. Her look was one of I can’t stand you 😉 But they are close and it was just one of those mornings and when it was all said and done, it made me smile and laugh!

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