Public Behavior vs Private Behavior


One of the best things a parent can hear is someone, particularly a complete stranger, tell you how well-behaved your children are.  I was lucky to receive not one but two yesterday.

While at the vet (after an unusually long wait), the doctor complimented their behavior and actually asked if they always get along this well.  Ha!  It took all self-control not to burst out laughing at that one!  Then from a neighbor who described Hunter’s manners as “impeccable”.  This one I actually burst out into laughter in front of her!  The word “impeccable” just is not synonymous with Hunter.

It got me thinking about how my children have their public behavior and their private behavior.  I think ALL children have them.

Public vs Private~







eat anything~turn their noses up

independent~completely dependent

best friends~mortal enemies

play~nothing to do

great hygiene~what is hygiene

calm~wild animals

sweet~little monsters

None the less, they are well-behaved when it counts.  All our hard work and our constant harping is paying off.  So when a stranger compliments you on your children, remember to compliment yourself (and try not to laugh)!







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Summer means thunderstorms.  I like them.  However I don’t appreciate their timing.  They always start right at bedtime!  C’mon…I am tired and so are the kids.  Just as they are heading up to bed….BAM!  The thunder starts and then the bright light of lightening.  It can make any tired parent want to curl up in fetal position and cry.

Thanks to last night’s amazing storm, I was blessed to watch my kids sing, dance, cry, fight, and finally agree to go up to bed because we weren’t “in any danger”.  Yes I was asked if we needed to take “cover”…thank you to their school for practicing storm drills :p

How did I survive…do you need to ask?  I poured- no I didn’t waste a glass – I stuck a straw in the bottle of some fun wine and called it a night!  What else was there to do?

Do Nothing Day


It’s only mid-week and I am exhausted.  Between not sleeping well at night because of some adorable 5 yr. old climbing into my bed and getting up and out of the house for summer tutoring, I am longing for a “Do Nothing Day”.  But when you are a parent there is never a true “Do Nothing Day”.  As I toss and turn at night, I find myself thinking about the days before kids.  The time when if I wanted to have a “Do Nothing Day”, it would be exactly that.

Oh how I am missing the days where I used to~

Lay in bed all day

Watch Lifetime Movies

Read a book

Sit down

Lay on the couch

Sit on the deck in peace

Take naps

Paint my nails

Talk on the phone for hours

Sleep in

A girl can dream…well maybe if she slept 😉



Simple Things~Lasting Memories


The endless week and weekend of craziness have come to close and now I feel summer can officially begin.  My goal is to do some unexpected fun thing each day.  Today I surprised the kids with ice cream for lunch.  They thought, for a brief moment, I was the “BEST mom in the world”.  It was short-lived, as will anything a parent does, and the whine came back later in the evening.  But I enjoyed sitting in the ice cream shoppe and just gobbling down ice cream and chatting with the kids.  They were laughing hysterically as some elderly man began to talk to us and asked if he could be one of my kids because I allow them to eat ice cream for lunch 😉

I want this summer to be about simple things.  The simple things that can create a lasting memory. Life and every day responsibilities seem to consume me sometimes.  I forget to enjoy the every day moments I am given to spend with my children. If I can schedule summer tutoring, summer camps, doctor appointments, etc I certainly can schedule in moments that will become lasting memories. My goal is for these simple moments to be just that…simple.

Ice Cream for lunch/dinner

Water Balloon Fight

Camp Out in the living room

Catch lightning bugs

Explore the creek

Movie Night

Jammie Day

Game Night

Sit outside and look at the stars

Go for a walk

What are some simple things you like to do with your family?

One of THOSE weeks….

Nothing like a great week of being busy to make your kids so tired that the sight of each other or the sound of one another make them squeal with pure “I’m going to hurt you!”   Yes this week was filled with all of my kids’ loves….Hunter had football camp and the girls’ spent the week preparing for their dance recital this weekend.

Hunter was in all his glory as he spent all morning this week running on the football field.  He has not stopped talking about all the skills he picked up, all the great plays made, all the drills, etc.  At one point all I heard was noise because my head hurt from all the craziness of the week. But it was so wonderful to see that fire in his eyes.  He just gets so excited and enjoyed learning from the” big guys’ coaches”.  He was quite disappointed when he found out it was only for 1 week! I have to say so am I because for once, the kid went to bed and was out within minutes of his head hitting the pillow!

The girls’ were equally excited for their time to perform on, as Gracie likes to say, “the big stage”.  They work so hard for months and get one weekend to show everyone their best moves.  It is truly an exhausting week filled with bobby pins, hairspray, make up, fake hair pieces, sequins….oh my!  You would think by now I could put a bun in with the hair piece with my eyes closed but not so much!  I have no clue how they remember all their dances.  It is always very emotional for me to see them up on stage.  So I am prepared for tears and laughter this weekend.

With all the good comes the bad….my kids seriously can’t be around each other this week!  I have broken up more arguments within 2 minutes of being back together after someone’s activity than I care to remember. I actually just got interrupted typing this to break up a fight over….are you ready for it?

Over someone walking into the same room as another person!

Yes folks it is that kind of wonderful, fun-filled week that I have a love-hate relationship with! It is one of those weeks that I can’t even enjoy a nice calming glass of wine because I am so exhausted that my head hurts.  But it is one of those weeks that as a mom, I look forward to and know I will miss one day.

I’m off to break up another fight over ~ “She’s looking at me!”  Woohoo!!!!


What Is the One Thing You Need Every Day?


This is a very crazy week in our house and as I am constantly running in and out of the house I find I am extremely grouchy until I have had a cup of coffee (some days even tea) and some sort of chocolate.  Without these 2 things, I am not a happy person. Oh and a good glass of wine to end the day paired with chocolate 😉


What is the one thing you need every day?

What’s the secret?

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For all of you women out there who can literally roll out of bed, toss something on, add minimal make up, and just throw your hair up and look gorgeous…..WHAT IS YOUR SECRET?

Seriously what it is it?

I just tried to do just that and I couldn’t even put my hair in a ponytail without looking like I was up all night drinking or something. I mean I have straight hair- straight hair! It should be easy to just put a ponytail in and look ok, not supermodel ok, but ok for most standards.

I NEED to know the secret! It would make my life so much easier!  Such a dilemma 😉