Learn on Their Own

As parents we are always trying to protect our children from the cynical part of the world.  But when do you decide you need to let them learn on their own?  I am struggling with this.  I know I need to do this and I know I will be there no matter what the outcomes are from their decisions.  But it is really hard.


Letting your children spread their wings are so important yet so frightening especially when they may get hurt in the process.  I find it very difficult.  My initial instinct is to protect.  Then you see how much it may mean to your child and you know they don’t see what you see or understand it.

When do you just let it be and have faith it will work out for the best?

How do you do that when your instincts are telling you the opposite of what your child wants to do about things?

Not sure there is a right answer or a wrong answer.  I guess I will just learn as they learn and just try to guide them the best way I know how in life.


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