Mom Report Card 2013-2014 School Year

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As parents we anxiously await the arrival of the final report of the school year.  I am very prepared and know what to expect so I thought I would have a little fun and give myself a grade for the this past school year.

Grade Key:                                           

O    Superior 

S     Satisfactory

N    Inadequate

Reading~ S-

I think I could have stepped up more and read more with the kids the past school year especially Gracie.  Poor thing, I can’t tell you the last time I read a bedtime story to her.  Life of the 3rd child I guess.

Math~ O/N= S

OK I am a superstar when it comes to math below 3rd grade.  You get me to 3rd grade on up and all I can say is THANK GOODNESS FOR YOUTUBE!  I can’t tell you how many times this past school year with Ella’s homework, I had to look it up so I could understand it and then help her.  I am so grateful that my children have a knack with math.  Maybe they can teach me a thing or 2 this summer.

Work Habits~ O/N= S

I am tooting my own horn!  I feel up until a month ago I was on top of all school things.  I had the occasional slip of not signing the homework planner.  Again, Gracie suffered in this area…forgot not once but TWICE her special day at preschool! Yes I really dropped the ball with her but since I am pretty good with not letting them know too far ahead of time of special things like this, she had no clue and it was all good!  Hey they were fed, dressed nicely (OK that is questionable especially Hunter), their homework was completed, and for the most part well prepared each day.

Just like my kids, I started out strong!  I was on top of it all.  I knew when things were due and even got ahead start on things. But as our harsh winter completely put everyone in a funk and playing catch up began in the spring, I started slacking…don’t we all?  I had no clue when special days were, working on projects the weekend before, not knowing what was going in school, etc.  I am just as happy about no more homework, no more projects, no more emptying out folders, and no more school obligations for a while!

So bring on summer vacation!  This mom is tired and doesn’t want to sign another piece of paper until August!

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2 thoughts on “Mom Report Card 2013-2014 School Year

  1. Oh I am so with you on math…my poor kids I am no help at all. Even you tube I need a tutor just so I can understand it.

    To this day I have no understanding on how solving 2y*3 to the third power = 5x will ever help them in life LOL

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