Summer Sanity Plan

I think I have a great handle on keeping summer on a happy note.  The key word here is THINK because we all know how unpredictable kids can be.  So how am I attempting to stay sane this summer?

1.  “How Full is Your Bucket”

Each of the kids have their own beach pail and have the opportunity to fill it with ping pongs on a daily basis.  They have each set a personal goal and the outcome for when they have reached their goal.  I am hoping that since they decided what they had to do in order to get what they want, it will be far more meaningful than if I did it.

Basically they are expected to behave, be helpful, be kind, be respectful, complete their chores, and basically keep MY bucket full! If they do, at the end of the day, they will get a ping pong ball in their bucket.  They have an opportunity to earn additional ones simply by being proactive and doing things on their own.  However, they decide they are not going to be a team player they will lose a ball. Once they reached the set amount, they will get whatever it is they were working for and then set a new goal.


As of now here is what they are working towards:

Ella decided she needs to earn 20 ping pong balls and I will allow her to get “highlights” at the bottom of her hair.  I am cringing as I type this but it is summer and it can be easily chopped off!

Hunter decided he needs to earn 20 ping pong balls and he would like a football or new jersey (still undecided).

Gracie has set 2 goals for herself!  She is working toward 12 ping pong balls so she can go to Build a Bear to build a new Princess Palace Pet.  Then she will earn 15 ping pong balls so when we go into NYC, she can pick out something (within reason) at the American Girl Store.

I thought when I decided to do this I could easily place bets on who would reach their goal first and I have to say I was proven wrong on the 1st day.  I thought for sure Hunter would be the one.  However he has yet to earn any because of his behavior.  I am hoping once he is caught up on sleep and school is out, he will come back and pass these girls by!  The one I thought who have the hardest time is proving me wrong…Ella is thriving on this!  Time will tell if this will be a keeper or not!

2.  Schedule

As much as I like the idea of carefree summer days, I am finding as they get older it doesn’t work.  I need to have some sort of structure each day so they know exactly what is expected of them.  So I came up with a schedule that I think will help.  Of course flexibility is still always key and there will be carefree days for sure!


I am setting the schedule for myself as well.  When you work from home, you need to have structure especially when the kids are home.  Yes having a quiet house is ideal and that is why I do a lot of my work late at night.  But that can’t always happen and I feel the kids need to respect my time and the time I need to have phone conferences with clients.  I am hoping to set a personal goal myself and be more present and spend time with the kids without my phone and checking emails or answering texts.  This will be hard I know but I owe it to them and myself.

And when all else fails I have back up~



2 thoughts on “Summer Sanity Plan

  1. I love it….what a creative way to get the kids to work towards their goals. Love their choices as to their rewards (so any idea on what color tips she wants….LOL)

    Last year Angel dyed her tips with Kool-Aid….it finally washed out right before school started – and yes I cringed each day at her Kool-Aid red highlights every day 🙂

    • As of now she wants “blonde” on her tips. She started off strong but just lost one for talking back and not listening 😉 I knew it was short lived. I seriously should get a pool started to see which one of the kids actually reaches their first goal before the end of summer! lol!

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