Little Squeals



The other day I was having one of those days where I felt completely defeated.  Between trying to get everyone to transition into summer break and go about my own daily routine with work, I was shot.  Then it came time to drop Ella off at dance and get Gracie from her class.  It so happened that Hunter went with the brother of a preschool and dance friend of Gracie to play while they had dance.  So the girls were pleasantly surprised when after class I told them that they were both coming with me for a little.  The squeals of delight just made me smile!

The entire 10 minute ride from the dance studio to our house was filled with the sounds of little girls being little girls.  Their innocence and laughter filled the van.  Slowly everything that was stressing me out disappeared.  These little girls didn’t have a care in the world. The sight of deer in a corn field made them giddy.  I can still hear them scream “A deer!  A deer!”.  They immediately ran into the house and just started to play with everything~ Barbies, American Girl Dolls, Princesses, etc.  They laughed and everything was right in their little world.  Their little laughs and squeals, even after a long day, changed my entire mood.

Who would have thought those little squeals were all I needed~ and a glass of wine 😉

What’s your cure for a bad day?


2 thoughts on “Little Squeals

  1. I can usually turn around a bad day with a few minutes of silliness or sweetness. My boys dont’ squeal, but they tell awesome jokes. We stop often to play high/low when I ask them to describe their best & worst (maybe part of the their day, or thing we saw, or vacation memory). Hearing the ways they describe their childhoods gives me great perspective. That, and the wine.

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