One of THOSE weeks….

Nothing like a great week of being busy to make your kids so tired that the sight of each other or the sound of one another make them squeal with pure “I’m going to hurt you!”   Yes this week was filled with all of my kids’ loves….Hunter had football camp and the girls’ spent the week preparing for their dance recital this weekend.

Hunter was in all his glory as he spent all morning this week running on the football field.  He has not stopped talking about all the skills he picked up, all the great plays made, all the drills, etc.  At one point all I heard was noise because my head hurt from all the craziness of the week. But it was so wonderful to see that fire in his eyes.  He just gets so excited and enjoyed learning from the” big guys’ coaches”.  He was quite disappointed when he found out it was only for 1 week! I have to say so am I because for once, the kid went to bed and was out within minutes of his head hitting the pillow!

The girls’ were equally excited for their time to perform on, as Gracie likes to say, “the big stage”.  They work so hard for months and get one weekend to show everyone their best moves.  It is truly an exhausting week filled with bobby pins, hairspray, make up, fake hair pieces, sequins….oh my!  You would think by now I could put a bun in with the hair piece with my eyes closed but not so much!  I have no clue how they remember all their dances.  It is always very emotional for me to see them up on stage.  So I am prepared for tears and laughter this weekend.

With all the good comes the bad….my kids seriously can’t be around each other this week!  I have broken up more arguments within 2 minutes of being back together after someone’s activity than I care to remember. I actually just got interrupted typing this to break up a fight over….are you ready for it?

Over someone walking into the same room as another person!

Yes folks it is that kind of wonderful, fun-filled week that I have a love-hate relationship with! It is one of those weeks that I can’t even enjoy a nice calming glass of wine because I am so exhausted that my head hurts.  But it is one of those weeks that as a mom, I look forward to and know I will miss one day.

I’m off to break up another fight over ~ “She’s looking at me!”  Woohoo!!!!


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