Simple Things~Lasting Memories


The endless week and weekend of craziness have come to close and now I feel summer can officially begin.  My goal is to do some unexpected fun thing each day.  Today I surprised the kids with ice cream for lunch.  They thought, for a brief moment, I was the “BEST mom in the world”.  It was short-lived, as will anything a parent does, and the whine came back later in the evening.  But I enjoyed sitting in the ice cream shoppe and just gobbling down ice cream and chatting with the kids.  They were laughing hysterically as some elderly man began to talk to us and asked if he could be one of my kids because I allow them to eat ice cream for lunch 😉

I want this summer to be about simple things.  The simple things that can create a lasting memory. Life and every day responsibilities seem to consume me sometimes.  I forget to enjoy the every day moments I am given to spend with my children. If I can schedule summer tutoring, summer camps, doctor appointments, etc I certainly can schedule in moments that will become lasting memories. My goal is for these simple moments to be just that…simple.

Ice Cream for lunch/dinner

Water Balloon Fight

Camp Out in the living room

Catch lightning bugs

Explore the creek

Movie Night

Jammie Day

Game Night

Sit outside and look at the stars

Go for a walk

What are some simple things you like to do with your family?

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