Do Nothing Day


It’s only mid-week and I am exhausted.  Between not sleeping well at night because of some adorable 5 yr. old climbing into my bed and getting up and out of the house for summer tutoring, I am longing for a “Do Nothing Day”.  But when you are a parent there is never a true “Do Nothing Day”.  As I toss and turn at night, I find myself thinking about the days before kids.  The time when if I wanted to have a “Do Nothing Day”, it would be exactly that.

Oh how I am missing the days where I used to~

Lay in bed all day

Watch Lifetime Movies

Read a book

Sit down

Lay on the couch

Sit on the deck in peace

Take naps

Paint my nails

Talk on the phone for hours

Sleep in

A girl can dream…well maybe if she slept 😉



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