Public Behavior vs Private Behavior


One of the best things a parent can hear is someone, particularly a complete stranger, tell you how well-behaved your children are.  I was lucky to receive not one but two yesterday.

While at the vet (after an unusually long wait), the doctor complimented their behavior and actually asked if they always get along this well.  Ha!  It took all self-control not to burst out laughing at that one!  Then from a neighbor who described Hunter’s manners as “impeccable”.  This one I actually burst out into laughter in front of her!  The word “impeccable” just is not synonymous with Hunter.

It got me thinking about how my children have their public behavior and their private behavior.  I think ALL children have them.

Public vs Private~







eat anything~turn their noses up

independent~completely dependent

best friends~mortal enemies

play~nothing to do

great hygiene~what is hygiene

calm~wild animals

sweet~little monsters

None the less, they are well-behaved when it counts.  All our hard work and our constant harping is paying off.  So when a stranger compliments you on your children, remember to compliment yourself (and try not to laugh)!






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