Just Go to Sleep Please


I am in need of some serious sleep and it is so pathetic that the second I get out of bed, I look at my pillow and start counting the hours until I can get right back into bed!

My mind has not been shutting off at night.  I swear everything and anything pops into my head the moment I turn out the light and my head hits the pillow.  I remember things that I was trying to remember all day long.  Then I start thinking of a million other things. Why is that?

Some of the dumbest things pop into my head~

Dinner for the week

How I forgot to clean the bathroom for the 3rd day in a row

I need to remove the nail polish from my toes

Can I fit a pedicure in?

Dining plans for clients’ trips

To get a pool or not to

Christmas- YES already!

How my “yearly” appointment will go (yeah that’s a fun topic)

I have to pluck my eye brows

I need to read more with the kids, myself

Replace carpeting in the family room now or later?

What activity is tomorrow?

Is the garage door closed?

What did the vet recommend for Mazy?

I need to organize the garage and basement

Forgot to call the dentist – oh they called me

Why can’t I sleep?

I’m hot (covers off)

No I’m cold (covers on)

Who’s walking into my bedroom?

When can I take the kids to the beach for the day

Order tap shoes

Decorating different rooms

Should I cut my hair?

Should I go and pin some more so I fall asleep?

Did I set the alarm?

Forgot to put laundry in the dryer

Did I turn the Scentsy warmer off?

How tired I am

Can I get Hunter to a Steelers game?

Plan “dates” with each of the kids

Did I blog?



What are your random thoughts at night when you should be sleeping?



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