Challenge Myself


As I have mentioned before, my mind races especially at night when I am completely exhausted and want to just sleep.  One sleepless night, I found this quote on Pinterest and just kept reading it over and over.  I need to challenge myself to do exactly what it says.  I found two particular things I need to challenge myself to work on.

I worry entirely too much.  I worry about everything from what to make for dinner to major things like deciding on what to tackle in the house to keep it from overwhelming me.  Bottom line we all have worries and worrying about them will not solve them.  I am challenging myself to take each worry one worry at a time.

I need to really work on feeling good no matter what is going on in my life.  This is truly hard.  I am allowing moments of good pass right by me because I focus on the bad.  Even if it truly is a down right bad day, I surely can find one good thing.  Isn’t a good cup of coffee in the morning something good?  Or just the fact that I made it through a tough day should be enough to feel good about.

What is something you feel you need to challenge yourself to do?

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