Tough Being Little


Miss Gracie has been having one tough summer.  I have been trying to figure out what the reason.  At first I thought it was a recital hangover but her behavior has been the same for weeks following it.  Now I will be the first to admit that when Gracie is not happy she will let everyone know!  She has been having tantrums daily- lots and lots of them.  She has been talking back and very physical with her sister and brother (hitting and pulling hair).  It has been fun around here!

She is trying to be the “big girl” but her body is fighting her and reminding her at the wrong times that she is still a “little girl”. She is NOT happy about this!  And when your older siblings add insult to injury it doesn’t make giving in to the “little girl” crying out for some “little girl” time.  So I finally took over and helped her “little girl” inside her get her way.  I sent the older ones over to their grandparents to swim without her.  And yes there was a HUGE tantrum but somehow a simple cuddle, some chocolate milk, and one of her favorite movies in a quiet house seemed to help.

Whatever she is going through she is fighting with all her “big girl” might.  I want the “little girl” to win out for a bit longer.  So as much as I hate the tantrums, it will remind me and let me know my little girl is still little and still needs her momma to cuddle with and make things right for awhile-a short while!  It really is tough being little!

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