The Standoff


Self-portrait and I call it “The Standoff”

When will our children learn that we will not give in and can wait a lot longer than they think?  I had a standoff with Miss Gracie yesterday.  It was all over the fact she did not want to quickly run to the grocery store so I could pick up I don’t know…food! She insisted that she had nothing to wear and only wanted to wear a certain pink dress that she refused to look for by herself.

So I did what all of us have done…gave her a choice. She had the choice to wear what I laid out (when I offered to help her) or look for the dress.  I told her we will wait and the longer we wait, it would take away her time to spend with her cousins and grandparents.  I walked away and I was feeling really good about myself.  I figured it was a done deal and we would be out the door in 5 minutes.  Yeah that didn’t happen.

This standoff lasted almost 2 hours!!!

Did she get dressed?  Eventually.

Did we get to the grocery store?  I did but ALONE.

Did she learn anything? She did come an apologize but I know she will do it again.

I think today was a draw.  She won because she didn’t go to the grocery store.  I won because I waited her out and I got to go to the grocery store alone 😉  OK….I probably lost this one but let’s not tell her!

I figure I survived the Terrible 2’s x 3 and the dreaded Terrible 3’s x 3.  She can be as stubborn as she wants but she will not win. Where does she think she got her stubbornness?  I am seeing a lot of standoffs in my future.  Next time hopefully it will occur at a more appropriate time~ I could have poured a cocktail while I sat on the steps.  It would have made the sound of her yelling so much more enjoyable!

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