3 Positives for 5 Days Challenge



I was just “challenged” for the next 5 days to come up with 3 positives for each day.  It doesn’t sound like a lot but I feel like I am having a hard time.  I focus so much on what isn’t going right that I do forget to focus on the good.  So I have accepted the challenge and hope it will help me start to really focus on the positive of each day that seem to be over shadowed by the negatives.

So here is my 3 Positives for Day 1:

1. Remembering that 24 years ago I met my husband at a local pool’s Dip-n-Dance with 4 friends that are still in my life today.

2. Found an old family recipe and made it for dinner and it was well liked by all!

3. Starting my day, uninterrupted by children, chatting with my best friend of 27 years about absolutely “nothing”!

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