Day 5~ 3 Positives for 5 Days

These 5 days went by very quickly!  I was much more aware of all the good things going on because I had in the back of my mind I have to come up with 3 positives!  Maybe that wasn’t the way to go about it but it helped.  I was more aware of the good moments and I will be honest some days I wasn’t sure there were going to be 3 for me to list.


So here are my final 3 Positives…MY CHILDREN

1.  Lounging on the couch with Ella and talking about anything and everything uninterrupted for almost an hour this afternoon.

2.  Hunter’s big heart.  He took a heart-shaped soap and put it in a gift bag all on his own.  I asked him what it was for and he simply smiled and gave me a hug.

3.  My daily hug from Gracie.  At some point each day, she will run up to me and say “I just need to hug you!”.  Her little arms squeeze me tightly and she always whispers in my ear I love you. 

This challenge made me more aware of how there are so many little things throughout a given day that occur to remind us just how wonderful our life is.  Although the challenge is over, I am going to continue to find 3 positive things each day to remind me how lucky I am.  And yes there will be days that I may only find 1 but it is still something.

I am passing this challenge onto you!

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