Lunch For One

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I stepped out of my comfort zone and went to lunch alone.  I actually went to a restaurant (“quick service” style) and sat at a table alone and enjoyed a meal ALONE.  Yes I have eaten alone but usually I would eat in my van or it would be something I could keep doing errands at the same time.

I have seen people do this many times and for some reason the thought of dining alone in a place other than a bookstore or with a baby in a stroller, I have always felt extremely uncomfortable about it.  I imagined being stared at or something dumb.  I feared I wouldn’t know what to do while waiting for my food to come.  Yes I KNOW how dumb it is. People do this all the time.  But I wasn’t one of those people.

It was so refreshing and I felt whole new confidence in myself.  I had a little guilt because my doctor appointment was finished VERY early and I had plenty of time to pick up my younger children before having to get my oldest in time for her appointment.  But I knew I needed ME time and it was now or never.

And guess what?  No one stared at me!  Imagine that!!!!

I think I will be trying this more often.  Each time I will have to keep pushing myself to dine in restaurants where it won’t be so quick to get my food and maybe instead of lunch I will really get crazy and go out to dinner ALONE!  OK I am not quite ready for that but I will be soon enough.

3 thoughts on “Lunch For One

    • My best friend and I said the same thing. No one cares and when I see someone dining alone, I don’t even give it a second thought. I told her that I feel like I have a Scarlet Letter or something. But I agree, it is so enjoyable! And I have come up with another area I need to get over my fear of and that is traveling alone. But small steps…lol!

  1. I have done it, and I will continue to do it without shame! I enjoy every morsel. Good for you! I wonder what else the universe holds in store for you?

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