4 Weeks Left!?!!


Is it just me or did this summer completely fly by?  I was looking at the calendar and realized in 4 short weeks school will start!  I have no idea how this happened.  We have done nothing I had hoped to do yet.  Not that there was much planned because I really wanted this summer to be unstructured and to focus on the little things. And we have been doing just that.  A lot of swimming and spending quality time with their grandparents and sitting down every night at the table for dinner.  I have to say that is the one thing I miss when our life is constantly go-go-go~ sitting as a family for dinner every night. We have been able to have great conversations and uninterrupted family time during these meals.  And there has been that much complaining from Mr. Picky Eater either!

But I have so many other little things I wanted to do~

Beach Day

Movie outside

Make s’mores

Date Night with each of them

Sparklers (on my counter since the 4th of July weekend)

Time to make these last 4 weeks count!

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