I have a new obsession.  It actually is a rediscovered obsession that I lost once my TV viewing was taken over by the Disney Channel and PBS.  But I am so glad it’s back!

I am obsessed with HGTV which for those who are not familiar with this channel consists of shows centered around homes!  I used to spend many Saturdays before kids watching it for hours and actually taking some of the decorating ideas and trying (keyword) to replicate in our first home.  I have even gotten the kids to start watching some of the shows.  It actually shows them how much work goes into owning a home and how expensive a simple renovation can be…LOVE this!

Well it has sparked my decorating bug as well as my oldest daughter’s.  I have always secretly wished I was able to decorate effortlessly from my own mind.  But I am a very visual person and I need to see it.  The two of us have been watching and then heading either online or to Pinterest for inspiration.

My oldest is now obsessed with updating her bedroom.  She has it in her little 10 yr. old mind that she would like to paint it, including an accent wall (which I have one in my bedroom), and wants a whole new bed!  She has my instant gratification gene and wants it done yesterday.  Unfortunately the whole concept of money and time doesn’t seem to be in her mindset yet….lol!  The bed she wants I would want at her age but the price tag well….not so much for a chance in 5 years she won’t like it.  So we have begun to take down things in her room and began to prep her walls for painting.  She has a vision and I love how she is helping me make it happen.  Now do you think I will be able to talk her out of a new bed?  Stay tuned!

783ac8e5576f0ca7cfb8f9ad85daf2adTHIS is what she wants!  Really who wouldn’t?

Do you have wishes you would like to do to your home?  If money was no object, what would you want to do to your home?

I have a short list~

1.  Sunroom

2.  Change the area in my basement that is traditional seating into seats for movie/TV watching

3.  Eat-in booth in my kitchen

4.  Stairs leading into my basement and upstairs all open (not very energy-efficient)

7e386a5da470050c2b0ac3d1413afed3OK…not to spy but just love having it all flow together!

5.  Outside~ pool with low maintenance landscape, fence, and my Achilles Heal-my deck- to be a happy place again

This is bad but as I am typing this, I am starting to go through every room in my home and can keep adding.  See I am obsessed!  I guess I will just focus on my 10 yr. old’s bedroom for now and hopefully get a way with just a desk instead of the amazing loft bed with a desk, and shelves all in one she wants!


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