I Think It’s Time….

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You know it’s time for the kids to go back to school when they…

1.  They read signs incorrectly.  For example “Wine & Spirits” is read as “Wine & Sprits”…hmm you are going into what grade?

2.  They ask questions like “Is that girl her son?”  No I am not making this up-real question asked just over the weekend.

3.  Sit on the couch naked.

4.  While eating dinner, instead of using utensils, they lick it/slurp it up.

5.  Showering is an option.

6.  Eating all day long becomes the norm.

7.  They forget the alphabet.

8.  You hear “She/he breathed on me” within minutes of waking up.

9.  They are lounging on the couch with iPads for more hours than you care to admit some days.

10.  Their hair hasn’t been brushed or has been cut in a very long time.

11.  Your bank account is almost empty.

12.  The sound of their precious voice is like nails on a chalkboard.

13.  You ignore the yelling or loud banging from the other room.

14.  Instead of yelling, you just walk away.

I think we are all ready for some sort of structure to return to our lives sooner than later.  But, don’t tell my kids, I am secretly enjoying everything from their bad habits to the sound of their voices these last few weeks of summer.

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