Well That Was Fun

Our local schools will be starting back in a little over 2.5 weeks so I thought it would be the perfect time to take the kids to go and get their school supplies.  So after my son’s speech session, we headed to our local Target store with their supply lists in hand.  What happened next was just pure chaos!

We get to the Back-to-School section and my oldest takes her list and goes!  I am thinking this is great and will make this quicker and easier.  I grab my son and youngest daughter (who has no list yet).  We go down the list and slowly start finding what he needs and add it to the cart.  As I am feeling good about how smoothly things were going, it all just went downhill.  They were all talking at me at once and just wouldn’t stop.  I couldn’t tell who was asking what and who put what in the cart.  At one point I had Gracie begging for an Olaf flash drive!  Nicely done Disney!  So after explaining to my soon to be kindergartener how she does NOT need a flash drive with the help of my oldest, I was able to get them all to be quiet so I could think.

I glance down their lists and start to question WHY????  Why I am providing not 1 but 2 BOXES of pencils for the “class to share” and why is one class wanting baby wipes and the other Clorox Wipes?  Why does my 5th grader need colored pencils and my 2nd grader doesn’t even need crayons?  And what constitutes as a “flexible 1 inch 3 ring binder”?

Look I taught for years prior to having my children and I remember making up the supply lists.  I am all for providing supplies and helping out teachers so they don’t have to spend anymore of their hard-earned money for their classroom.  But when you have 3 kids I think it would be nice if the lists were pretty uniformed when applicable….you know like the classroom tissue donation.  See that was pretty easy.  I didn’t have to really think.  I just put tissues in my cart without worrying if they were a certain texture or not.


We survived and the supplies are bought and sorted.  I have forgotten some things and got some things I didn’t need.  But that is OK.  I am grateful for making the time to stop and get coffee beforehand.  I honestly don’t think I would have gotten out of the store as calm without it!


Up next….shoe shopping and then (oh lord help me) clothes shopping!  I think I may need to get a sitter and do this with each of them ALONE or bring a flask!

Happy Back-to-School Shopping everyone!!!!

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