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Oh boy it’s the time of the year that you receive the infamous letter from school.  You know THE LETTER that states your child’s teacher for the upcoming school year.

You always know who gets their mail first because somewhere on social media it is announced.  Sometimes it is straight forward and other times its is vague.  But no matter how it is mentioned, the news gets out and you better get ready for your newsfeed and your phone blowing up with notifications!

My phone wasn’t just blowing up but Ella was getting texts and emails on her iPad too!  It was a bit odd to have her come up to me and say “Did you hear….”  Ummmmm no and how did you?  A whole new ball game with a pre-tween!  I refuse to call her a tween yet or is she?  What age does that start?

So now with THE LETTER in our hands, reality sets in, and it is time to get ready for what is to come.  I said to them tonight at dinner~

Buckle Up Buttercups!  Your days of summer are coming to a screeching halt!

I am such a nice mom 😉



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