Shark Week Obsession

It is SHARK WEEK on the Discovery Channel and my children have become obsessed!  They have been glued to the TV and actually getting along!  Who knew all it would take was a shark?


I have heard more about this 38 ft great white that is named Submarine and how it terrorized people who fell out of a boat and were trying to be rescued.  My kids could sit for hours and talk about this shark.  the only one who seems to see how frightening this is, besides myself, is Gracie.  I think we are the only sane ones in the house right now.

They have talked about Zombie Sharks.  I later found out it is when scientists hypnotize sharks.  They can name the “mean” sharks and where sharks migrate too.

I am surprised there hasn’t been any nightmares.  I am surprised that they still want to swim in the ocean.  I am surprised at how quiet they can be during certain shows.

This obsession is working to my advantage…I am slowly checking off things on that HUGE To Do List without interruption.  But this obsession is not helping my fear of dark water and the thought of when a wave crashes there could be a shark in it.  YES this is what I think about when I am in the ocean!  Unless I am swimming in crystal blue water.

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