The Return of the Picky Eater


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That boy who I adore and love with all my heart is back and making all efforts to make meal time easier pretty much impossible!  I took him to the grocery store with me hoping he would be inspired or something would inspire him.  You know what I’m talking about…that food that you completely forgot about or that food that you never would have thought to use as a meal option.  But none of that happened.  Nothing inspired him and the old “go-to” food options are now not even an option.

I have let this stress me out for the last time this past week.  I am over wasting time and energy trying to come up with ideas for him to take to school for lunch.  He has been served his “rights” and he now is in control of whether he eats or not.  This can go one of two ways~ work in my favor and finally start eating like any other 8 yr. old boy or I will have one grumpy and hungry 8 yr. old who will try to break me with his meltdowns because he’s “starving”!


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