Never Forget

Today is a day where millions of us can stop and remember where we were and what we were doing on a beautiful September 11th morning.

I was teaching and I had just said good-bye to Ryan as he was leaving on a business trip to Las Vegas. Then we were slowly told what had happened. My heart sank when I heard for all who had lost someone they loved in a blink of an eye. My heart sank because I was patiently waiting to hear if Ryan was safe.

I was fortunate that day. He had landed safely in Chicago and would stay there the entire week until flights resumed.

I was fortunate.

So many were not that day. I still can’t watch the footage without completely breaking down. My thoughts are with everyone who was affected that day. We are all changed from that morning. But we will never know how that morning changed your lives.

On this sad day it used to be a joyous day for our family. Today is Ryan’s birthday. And I am will always celebrate it in some way.

I know the quote below is something I always do. I am sure many of the people who lost loved ones this horrific day do the same.


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