Little Successes

Homework time is never a dull moment in our house.  By far the most fun person to do homework with is my son.  He knows how to  make homework time the most painful experience next to giving birth.  Add being overtired into the equation and it is just a barrel of laughs!

Tears, yelling, scribbling, looking at words and just saying the first word that comes to mind, and the 10 minute reading per night just makes you want to stick a straw into the wine bottle like a caprisun but you can’t have a drink yet because you have to pick up or drop someone off at an activity.  It is just painful!  I get just as frustrated as he does and I think I would literally bang my head against the table if it wouldn’t completely squash any confidence he had or hurt me in the process!

BUT he surprised me tonight!  He completed his entire homework without me and when I asked him to read the words and make the sounds for his one assignment I almost banged my head from falling over!  The boy got every single word correct and the annunciation of the words blew me away!  Could things be slowly turning around????  Yeah I won’t be holding my breath but I certainly will be taking every night of little successes like this as often as I can!

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