Daylight Savings…why????



Daylight Savings….you stink!  You have messed up my internal clock so badly that I can’t think straight.  I can’t function like a normal human being.  I feel like I have been a walking zombie ever since Daylight Savings.  I have no idea why this time around it hit me like a brick.  But I am seriously exhausted.  I look forward to a day where I can lay on the couch and do nothing or feel like I should be doing something.  So I will be waiting for a very LONG time.

I get the concept behind Daylight Savings.  I really do but I think it is stupid.  Why fix a good thing?  All I know this time around Daylight Savings has literally kicked me in the butt and I am down for the count.  I hope it is just because of the weather still being very winter-like because as of now, I want to be a 2 yr old and take a nap!

I am already looking forward to bed and the day has just started!