Breath and Laugh

Although days are long and some days I may feel like I am never going to get through them, I have to say some of the days do provide a lot of laughs when all is said and done.

Yes at the moment when it is happening, I tend not to see the humor in the situation.  I tend to think:

Can’t I catch a break?

I have no time to deal with this

This is the worse thing ever (NO it is not)

May famous line~ Seriously?!??

And a lot of other things go through my mind that I probably shouldn’t share 😉

I just had one of those evenings this past week.  Spreading myself too thin but thinking how I have a handle on it. I wasn’t stressing.  I wasn’t snapping at the kids.  I was calm and cool.  Then the phone rings.  I get a call from my groomer asking me to remain calm and everything is ok. But I needed to come at get Mazy.  She had accidentally nipped her tail and it wouldn’t stop bleeding.  I could tell by her voice she was so upset. I just took a deep breath and did what I had to do.  Got my sitter to come over to stay with two of the kids, called the vet, got in touch with my hostess for the evening (I had a Thirty-One Show-30 min away), and left to get Mazy.

Get Mazy and after calming the groomer down and letting her know I was fine, dog was fine, these things happens, I left to go get Ella who had dance and head to the vet.  It was during that short 5 minute drive from the Groomers to the dance studio where I started to get stressed.  But I knew there was no reason to be.  but I was having one of those moments when IF things were different and I was not alone in this thing called life, I would still be heading to the Thirty-One Show and Ryan would be taking the kids along with the dog to the vet.  All would be fine.  MY life wouldn’t be disrupted.   It was one of my “DR” moments.  I’m allowed to have them.  Right?  YES I am.

The dog was fine.  Never knew anything happened to her.  The kids were fine.  My hostess was SO understanding and still had her party minus me (technology is a wonderful thing).  WE were all fine.

I don’t like when I allow trivial things get to me.  I don’t like to sweat the small stuff.  I know I am allowed to and I know things could have been worse.  But they weren’t~thank goodness.  This was one of those moments that even though it was an inconvenience it ended up be funny when all was said and done.


Mazy is fine.  She is a hot mess with her half-groomed style going on and a pink gauze bandage at the end of her tail. The size of the bandage makes it look A LOT worse…it is just the very tip.  But that is what makes this inconvenience one of many that puts it in perspective and reminds me, staying calm and just going with what life throws at me is how I need to look at things.  It makes for a great story.  It made us all laugh.  It made me slow down.  It reminded me sometimes things will happen and you just have to go with it.  I say all this now until the next thing.  And there will be MANY next things.  But hopefully I will handle the next things the same way and if I don’t, it’s OK.  I am allowed those moments.

Oh Stress…..


What’s your favorite thing to do when you are stressed?

I used to exercise when I was stressed but that was before kids and before life happened.  Now my favorite thing to do when I am stressed is to just lay down and be surrounded by complete silence.  I like to just lay there with my eyes closed and breathe.

Well this has not been able to happen for some time.  But like everything in life, stress comes and goes.  Right now I feel it has taken over.  My eye is twitching non-stop!  I never had that before until after my husband passed away.  I find it very funny because every time he would be stressed about something, his eye always twitched.  So maybe he has a part of this twitching to annoy me!  Typically when I am under stress or feeling stressed out, I tend to be very testy- OK very grumpy!  So I have a twitching eye and I am extremely irritable right now.  I am starting to feel overwhelmed about getting everything done 2 days ago.

I look at my To Do List and I am immediately overwhelmed.  I have to say I accomplish a lot more when I am feeling this way but to get it accomplished is not fun at all.

I think we all tend to put certain expectations on ourselves and when it isn’t the way we want things, we tend to stress over it.  So I made a pledge to myself this afternoon to just do 3 things each day.  I need to just focus on little chunks as opposed to the HUGE picture.

Yes I made a HUGE To Do List but I started to break it apart.  And I actually accomplished a few things.  Every little thing counts toward the bigger goal.  Or so I am telling myself this.

Do you have anything you do to help when you are overwhelmed with everything that needs to get accomplished?