Picture Day

Picture Day….

3 Kids

2 Girls with 2 distinct styles

1 smelly boy

Curling Iron

Flat Iron


Dog chasing cat

No coffee


Hair not straight enough

Hair not curly enough

Half-ass shower

Dog has to go out

Take another shower

Near wipe out on wet bathroom floor

You want me to wear what

My hair

More tears

Make breakfast

Make lunch


Still no coffee

Silence all the way to the bus stop

Bus comes


And that was our morning.

I love picture day.

Always a Learning Experience


Having an 8 yr. old boy is always interesting.  Since I am not a boy (obviously) and didn’t grow up one, it is a learning experience.  I have learned from my son….

~ Changing your socks isn’t important

~Changing and/or wearing underwear is and will always be optional

~ Nothing is more funny than talking about bodily functions especially farting

~ Simply getting wet in the shower is considered bathing (soap is optional)

~ Any movie that has “bad words” in it will make them laugh uncontrollably

~ Robin Williams and Jim Carey can make my son laugh uncontrollably to the point he is gasping for air

~ The ideal wardrobe is anything made of sportswear

~ Lifting up the seat is optional

~ Putting the seat down is optional as well

~ Sports should be a major subject in school

~ Burgers and fries are a major food group

~ Sweets are too

~ Drinking “beer” (root beer or birch beer) is just like an adult beverage especially when it is in the bottle

~ Air fresheners are a must and should be bought in bulk

~ Sitting still…what is that?

~ Dress the part

~ He wants to be a “guy” but is still a little boy

~ Kissing your mom becomes fist pumping your mom

~ Will occasionally still grab your hand when walking

~ Loves me and his sisters more than anything but shhhhh….don’t let his sisters know

What have you learned from your child(ren) lately?

Oh these two

When you have more than one child they fight but for the most part get along.  When you have more than two children you usually have two who just are at each other all the time and/or they switch partners in crime.  I have two that seem to be at each other ALL THE TIME!


These two make me crazy!  There is no way around it.  They fight constantly and know how to push each other’s buttons to the point of screaming matches and physical fighting.  I can’t drive home with them without a fight starting or one of them making the other cry.  And you know it’s bad when the queen of moodiness can’t take it either!

They have been like this since the moment we brought Gracie home from the hospital.  Ella was all over her and always wanting to be around her, play with her, and just love her up.  Hunter…yeah he wanted no parts of her.  I couldn’t get him to hold her yet alone touch her.  It was like she was invisible to him or he was just waiting for her to disappear.

I remember when Ella started school and she would be gone all day.  Hunter would miss her terribly and ask for her.  He would complain about not having anyone to play with and would play alone.  I always would remind him how he had Gracie to play with and he would just ignore her. It wasn’t until a year or so that he actually started to play with her.  But he will still choose to play alone than to play with her.

I know deep down they love each other.  I know Hunter would protect her and Gracie would do the same for him.  But man these two really know how to get under each other’s skin and everyone else’s. I hope this phase of not being able to be in the same room, van, or space with each other ends FAST!  The constant bickering is driving me insane!

The Return of the Picky Eater


images (33)

That boy who I adore and love with all my heart is back and making all efforts to make meal time easier pretty much impossible!  I took him to the grocery store with me hoping he would be inspired or something would inspire him.  You know what I’m talking about…that food that you completely forgot about or that food that you never would have thought to use as a meal option.  But none of that happened.  Nothing inspired him and the old “go-to” food options are now not even an option.

I have let this stress me out for the last time this past week.  I am over wasting time and energy trying to come up with ideas for him to take to school for lunch.  He has been served his “rights” and he now is in control of whether he eats or not.  This can go one of two ways~ work in my favor and finally start eating like any other 8 yr. old boy or I will have one grumpy and hungry 8 yr. old who will try to break me with his meltdowns because he’s “starving”!


Finding the Positives


The first day of school is always a time of mixed emotions.  And I think it is safe to say not just for the kids but for the parents as well. I am trying to find all the positives of this upcoming school year.

~All three will be at one school.

~This will be the only time my girls will be in the same school and Ella’s class will most likely be Gracie’s “buddy class”.

~(**knock on wood**) I see a light shining in Ella’s eyes that has been dim for so many years.

~Bedtime will no longer be a battle.

~Hunter has won the “Most Responsible” Award for being prepared for the start of school.

This list may be short but for our family it is made up of a lot of huge things.  I pray every night that my children will find the good in each day.  I want them to see how there is good somewhere in everything they do.

Here is to finding good in something each day xoxo

Shark Week Obsession

It is SHARK WEEK on the Discovery Channel and my children have become obsessed!  They have been glued to the TV and actually getting along!  Who knew all it would take was a shark?


I have heard more about this 38 ft great white that is named Submarine and how it terrorized people who fell out of a boat and were trying to be rescued.  My kids could sit for hours and talk about this shark.  the only one who seems to see how frightening this is, besides myself, is Gracie.  I think we are the only sane ones in the house right now.

They have talked about Zombie Sharks.  I later found out it is when scientists hypnotize sharks.  They can name the “mean” sharks and where sharks migrate too.

I am surprised there hasn’t been any nightmares.  I am surprised that they still want to swim in the ocean.  I am surprised at how quiet they can be during certain shows.

This obsession is working to my advantage…I am slowly checking off things on that HUGE To Do List without interruption.  But this obsession is not helping my fear of dark water and the thought of when a wave crashes there could be a shark in it.  YES this is what I think about when I am in the ocean!  Unless I am swimming in crystal blue water.

Oh Stress…..


What’s your favorite thing to do when you are stressed?

I used to exercise when I was stressed but that was before kids and before life happened.  Now my favorite thing to do when I am stressed is to just lay down and be surrounded by complete silence.  I like to just lay there with my eyes closed and breathe.

Well this has not been able to happen for some time.  But like everything in life, stress comes and goes.  Right now I feel it has taken over.  My eye is twitching non-stop!  I never had that before until after my husband passed away.  I find it very funny because every time he would be stressed about something, his eye always twitched.  So maybe he has a part of this twitching to annoy me!  Typically when I am under stress or feeling stressed out, I tend to be very testy- OK very grumpy!  So I have a twitching eye and I am extremely irritable right now.  I am starting to feel overwhelmed about getting everything done 2 days ago.

I look at my To Do List and I am immediately overwhelmed.  I have to say I accomplish a lot more when I am feeling this way but to get it accomplished is not fun at all.

I think we all tend to put certain expectations on ourselves and when it isn’t the way we want things, we tend to stress over it.  So I made a pledge to myself this afternoon to just do 3 things each day.  I need to just focus on little chunks as opposed to the HUGE picture.

Yes I made a HUGE To Do List but I started to break it apart.  And I actually accomplished a few things.  Every little thing counts toward the bigger goal.  Or so I am telling myself this.

Do you have anything you do to help when you are overwhelmed with everything that needs to get accomplished?