Our Kids…


We have made it through the first week of summer break and we all have the same look on our faces.  It is so comforting to know I am not alone and I hope it is for you as well.  Our faces tell a story.  A story only moms get.  We love our children but let’s face it, summer break is hard and our kids drive us crazy.  It’s OK.

Our faces show the rest of the world~

Our kids are slowly killing us.

Our kids don’t allow us to shower in peace.

Our kids cause us to buy alcohol by the cart full.

Our kids make us forgetful.

Our kids make us walk out of the house looking like we crawled out of bed.

Our kids make us look like we haven’t slept in years.

Our kids make us react in ways we never thought we would in public.

Our kids make us stoop to levels we need to do to survive.

Our kids make our pets cling to us for safety.

Our kids make us question our intelligence.

Our kids make the workers at fast food places and coffee shops know us by name.

Our kids make us know all the shows on Disney.

Our kids make us have conversations about how we hate the shows (or secretly love them) on Disney.

Our kids make us need a strategy to get through each day.

Our kids make us question what did we do wrong?

Our kids make us hide in the bathroom, laundry room, or our car for some peace.

Our kids make us hate cooking.

Our kids make us use more cuss words in one sentence than should be allowed.

Our kids make us say things in sentences that most adults don’t ever think they will say (“Johnny stop touching ____”).

Our kids make us count down some days until its time for bed (us or them).

Our kids make us do so many things we never thought we would ever do. But bottom line, we love them and they do make our days interesting.  There are times when we are ready to strangle them but holding back laughter at the same time.  We are moms.  And we will survive summer!


It’s Only Day 2!?!!

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We have been home for 2 Days and I am already breaking up fights and settling arguments.  The fights have actually gotten physical! They are ganging up on one another and excluding one all the time.  The “How Full is Your Bucket” is a complete flop!  I have taken more balls away than were put in.  One actually has an empty bucket and it wasn’t the one I thought.  I am thinking I made a HUGE mistake by not over scheduling them this summer.  I was hoping for the 1st week of no school to be a little laid back and give them time to decompress.  But apparently they don’t need it. I have threatened to put them all in some sort of summer care and told them I would drop them off at 8:00 am and pick them up at 4:00 pm.  The looks on their faces was great!

Do you remember summer vacation growing up?  I know I was not put in camp after camp.  I wasn’t entertained by my parents.  Yes I fought with my brother. Yes I know this is all normal kid behavior but the fact that they can’t go 5 minutes without fighting is ridiculous.  And of course the ring leader is the one who should know better.  Have we created a generation of kids who need to be constantly entertained?

Looks like I will be doing a lot of breathing exercises this summer!  I am hoping that the upcoming weeks will start to take some of this behavior away.  If the busy weeks ahead don’t, this mom may check herself into the loony bin for a vacation!  But for now, I will keep telling myself I am not the only one who is going through this and to remember that some days I will be taking it hour by hour to just get through.

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Daylight Savings…why????



Daylight Savings….you stink!  You have messed up my internal clock so badly that I can’t think straight.  I can’t function like a normal human being.  I feel like I have been a walking zombie ever since Daylight Savings.  I have no idea why this time around it hit me like a brick.  But I am seriously exhausted.  I look forward to a day where I can lay on the couch and do nothing or feel like I should be doing something.  So I will be waiting for a very LONG time.

I get the concept behind Daylight Savings.  I really do but I think it is stupid.  Why fix a good thing?  All I know this time around Daylight Savings has literally kicked me in the butt and I am down for the count.  I hope it is just because of the weather still being very winter-like because as of now, I want to be a 2 yr old and take a nap!

I am already looking forward to bed and the day has just started!