Always a Learning Experience


Having an 8 yr. old boy is always interesting.  Since I am not a boy (obviously) and didn’t grow up one, it is a learning experience.  I have learned from my son….

~ Changing your socks isn’t important

~Changing and/or wearing underwear is and will always be optional

~ Nothing is more funny than talking about bodily functions especially farting

~ Simply getting wet in the shower is considered bathing (soap is optional)

~ Any movie that has “bad words” in it will make them laugh uncontrollably

~ Robin Williams and Jim Carey can make my son laugh uncontrollably to the point he is gasping for air

~ The ideal wardrobe is anything made of sportswear

~ Lifting up the seat is optional

~ Putting the seat down is optional as well

~ Sports should be a major subject in school

~ Burgers and fries are a major food group

~ Sweets are too

~ Drinking “beer” (root beer or birch beer) is just like an adult beverage especially when it is in the bottle

~ Air fresheners are a must and should be bought in bulk

~ Sitting still…what is that?

~ Dress the part

~ He wants to be a “guy” but is still a little boy

~ Kissing your mom becomes fist pumping your mom

~ Will occasionally still grab your hand when walking

~ Loves me and his sisters more than anything but shhhhh….don’t let his sisters know

What have you learned from your child(ren) lately?

Weathering the Storm

It has been a crazy few weeks in this house and trying to catch my breath has not been easy.  Trying to fit everything in, be where you need to be, working commitments, kids’ activities, household necessities…you know every day life just doesn’t all seem to fit within a 24 hr. period.  Then add 3 distinctly different kids into the mix and you have the perfect combination for the perfect storm.

How do you weather the storm?

I don’t think any of us know the answer.  But I know many of us know how important it is to get through the storm.

I feel I am in the eye of the storm and until I get a handle on it, I will not get past it.

As a new month begins, a new outlook and new hope to get through this recurring storm within our home.

Each day needs to be a fresh start.

Each day needs to have a focus.

Each day needs to have less yelling and more calmness.

Each day needs to have a positive.

Each day needs the attention.

Each day needs me to be present.

Each day needs forgiveness.

We all need an each day to weather any storm.

Football Time


I honestly LOVE this time of year!  Finally my Sundays are back to hanging out and watching football all afternoon.  I am probably one of the few women who enjoy football season.  But it allows me to bond with my son who is obsessed with the sport.  His sisters know that Sundays this is what we do and they are good sports about it since he does tend to get the short end of the stick more than they do.

Hunter has started his own football season again and it always amazes me how a child’s mood can completely change when they are doing what they love to do.  I see it with all of my children. I enjoy seeing the spark in their eyes and how excited they get to be back into their thing.  I ask them every single time after a practice, class, game, etc “Are you having fun?” and once the answer is no, it is time to rethink their choices.  So for this point in time all answers are yes which means for this moment in time all is right in their world.  Now this can all change tomorrow but for now it is all good.

Our weekend will consist of all things football with the kick off of Hunter’s season with a scrimmage or a “preseason game” as he refers to it.  Then it will cap off with watching our family’s team~ the Steelers on Sunday.  And the countdown has begun to an unexpected special Mom and Son weekend at the end of the month.  After many months, I was able to get 2 tickets to a Steelers home game and him and I will be heading to Heinz Field!!!  I think I am more excited than he is to get some time away with just him.

Happy Kick-Off Weekend and our family hopes your family’s team has a great opening game unless you are a Browns fan….hehehe!



download (38)

The theme for this school year….ONE

ONE school

ONE principal

ONE Open House

ONE school calendar

ONE lunch menu

ONE pick up/drop off

ONE holiday concert

ONE school phone number to have memorized/saved in my phone

ONE source of school fundraising

ONE source of school commitments

ONE set of procedures (which I already know-yay!)

ONE place for parent-teacher conferences

ONE school schedule to follow

ONE school closing/delay announcement

ONE set of paperwork (sort of)


And it will only be for ONE year until it becomes two again.


Making the Most of Summer


I just keep thinking how time is slipping through my fingers and before I know it we will be starting school.  I love the structure that comes with a school year but at the same time we are so busy with everyone’s activities that we lose the much-needed time to connect some weeks.  I find the more stress I am under or if I am not my best emotionally, I tend to not be the best mom for my kids.

I want to make the best of these last days of summer to really connect as a family.  I found this 30 Day Challenge from and I am going to try it.  I learned a lot from the 3 Positives for 5 Days Challenge, so I am sure I will learn even more from this challenge as well.  I am just hoping it will help me to refocus on priorities that seem to get forgotten during the this thing called life.

Day 3~ 3 Positives for 5 Days

Day 3 :

1.  Drinking coffee on the deck and being able to finish the entire cup without interruption.

2.  Family Dinner Time

3.  Problem Solving through the eyes of a 5 yr. old~ if it’s itchy just put powder on it.

10505508_10202734857188334_1587332663138571390_n Apparently works on your face too!



Simple Things~Lasting Memories


The endless week and weekend of craziness have come to close and now I feel summer can officially begin.  My goal is to do some unexpected fun thing each day.  Today I surprised the kids with ice cream for lunch.  They thought, for a brief moment, I was the “BEST mom in the world”.  It was short-lived, as will anything a parent does, and the whine came back later in the evening.  But I enjoyed sitting in the ice cream shoppe and just gobbling down ice cream and chatting with the kids.  They were laughing hysterically as some elderly man began to talk to us and asked if he could be one of my kids because I allow them to eat ice cream for lunch 😉

I want this summer to be about simple things.  The simple things that can create a lasting memory. Life and every day responsibilities seem to consume me sometimes.  I forget to enjoy the every day moments I am given to spend with my children. If I can schedule summer tutoring, summer camps, doctor appointments, etc I certainly can schedule in moments that will become lasting memories. My goal is for these simple moments to be just that…simple.

Ice Cream for lunch/dinner

Water Balloon Fight

Camp Out in the living room

Catch lightning bugs

Explore the creek

Movie Night

Jammie Day

Game Night

Sit outside and look at the stars

Go for a walk

What are some simple things you like to do with your family?