Always a Learning Experience


Having an 8 yr. old boy is always interesting.  Since I am not a boy (obviously) and didn’t grow up one, it is a learning experience.  I have learned from my son….

~ Changing your socks isn’t important

~Changing and/or wearing underwear is and will always be optional

~ Nothing is more funny than talking about bodily functions especially farting

~ Simply getting wet in the shower is considered bathing (soap is optional)

~ Any movie that has “bad words” in it will make them laugh uncontrollably

~ Robin Williams and Jim Carey can make my son laugh uncontrollably to the point he is gasping for air

~ The ideal wardrobe is anything made of sportswear

~ Lifting up the seat is optional

~ Putting the seat down is optional as well

~ Sports should be a major subject in school

~ Burgers and fries are a major food group

~ Sweets are too

~ Drinking “beer” (root beer or birch beer) is just like an adult beverage especially when it is in the bottle

~ Air fresheners are a must and should be bought in bulk

~ Sitting still…what is that?

~ Dress the part

~ He wants to be a “guy” but is still a little boy

~ Kissing your mom becomes fist pumping your mom

~ Will occasionally still grab your hand when walking

~ Loves me and his sisters more than anything but shhhhh….don’t let his sisters know

What have you learned from your child(ren) lately?

Mom and Son Time

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With the girls both having an activity in the morning this week, I am getting so special time with my son.  This is very rare.  I rarely have just one of my children unless it is a school day.  So to say I am going to enjoy this opportunity is an understatement.

So I asked him what he wanted to do with the next 4 mornings without the girls and he immediately said he wanted Dunkin’ Donuts every morning, a trip to Dick’s to look at football stuff, and school shopping.  I almost fell over on the last one but I will take it.

What is your favorite thing to do with each of your children?

Melts My Heart


There is nothing like listening to your child talk about things that make them happy, people in their lives, etc.  Our neighbors had to move last December due to an unexpected job change.  My son and their son grew very close and were very lucky to be in the same class.  Every morning I would take them to the bus stop and after school and weekends they would rush to get some play time in.  When my son found out that the family was moving he took it very hard.

I remember the night before Christmas Eve, the moving truck pulled into their driveway.  The look on Hunter’s face was so heartbreaking.  He ran up to his room and just stared out the window and cried.  The days leading up to the move, he couldn’t look out the front door or window.  I remember the morning when they had to say good-bye.  I had to turn away because these two little boys were heartbroken about not being able to see each other every day.

Well today, Hunter got a special treat~our neighbors were in town and came to visit.  The boys played and it was like no time has passed.  The joy on their faces was just heartwarming.  But then the good-bye had to happen again.  They stood there and just looked at each other.  They both didn’t want to say good-bye and didn’t know how to say good-bye.  They wanted to hug but didn’t want to be “uncool”…they are boys you know.  So after a few moments, they did a manly handshake which then turned into a manly yet the sweetest moment~ they hugged.  It was a real hug filled with I am sure so many emotions.  Then like true boys began to create a special handshake.

And although Hunter loved spending time with his friend, he went to bed crying.  I love how this boy I am raising is a real boy but at the same time is not afraid to show his soft side.  I hope this continues as he grows into a young man and eventually into a man.  I love that he feels and shows what he is feeling without reservation.  Yes, he saves it for when he is in the privacy of his own home but he is not embarrassed to feel emotions.

Happy Birthday to My Little Man

IMGP0821              05-02-2006 12;29;51PM

What a difference a day makes.  One day your heart is full of complete sadness and the next it is full of so much happiness.  On this day 8 years ago, my other favorite man came into my life.  Hunter is a mini version of his daddy and was from the moment I first held him.  My first words when he was placed in my arms were, ” Oh my god it’s you!”.

MusikfestMisc09 014

I have extreme mommy guilt today because I will not be spending his birthday with him.  Ella has a dance competition and so I am with her.  Although he was upset, he then realized he was spending the day with his “brudder” and told me “It’s all good mommy.”


So to my favorite man….thank you for all the laughs.  I look forward to watching what this next year will bring in your little life. You are growing up way too fast.  You are such a good boy with a heart of gold.  You make me smile every single day.  I am so lucky to have you.  Don’t ever lose your sense of humor or your kind heart.


I love you to infinity and beyond…xoxo