Warp Speed

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Do you remember as a kid how slow time seemed to go?  I remember school seemed like it was 10x’s as many months, summer lasted what seemed like a long time, and just driving to the mall seemed like you needed a whole day for there and back.  What happened?  I feel like I live at warp speed any more!

The weeks are flying by and by this time next week we will be into April.  How did that happen?  Ella informed me that she only has 10 Tuesdays left until the end of the school year.  That is insane to me!  In a less than 2 weeks I will turn 41…I swear I just turned 40! Then my very first baby will be 10 years old….I have been a mom for 10 years!!!

There are so many moments I would love to hit the pause button on life…my kids getting older, a day where I have so much to do, to be two places at once, etc.

But then there are the moments I am anticipating I will want a fast forward button…the tween years, seeing your children struggle and having to let them figure it out on their own, anything that causes us to be out of control of the outcomes, etc.

I can’t even start to list the rewind button moments…too many.

But life is constant.  Time keeps going forward and we have to as well.  We have to take the good with the bad.  We have to savor every moment.